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U2D Aprenia for Team! Bundled knowledge for more success!

An LXP offers many valuable benefits to the company, the individual employees and the team. Learn more about the benefits for the team in this blog!


Changes in the world of work

The youngest generations know it no differently. And it will also be familiar to young people in the future: Technology. Increasing familiarity with technology as a tool is what characterises the workforce of tomorrow. Digitalisation brings many advantages. In all areas of life - whether in everyday life or at work - it gives people added value. The possibilities for communication and interaction alone are almost unlimited. Sometimes, however, possible options for interpersonal and social interaction alone are not enough.

Collaborative digital learning

Especially in the home office, contact with colleagues is gradually reduced to a minimum. However, it is often the case that this is indispensable for further decisions or activities. It is not uncommon for dependencies to arise between different tasks. Sometimes, however, there are recurring questions that need to be clarified anew, but for which there is no time. These and many more are reasons for strong and effective cooperation within the team. The COVID 19 pandemic showed many companies in Germany and their teams how quickly internal processes, measures or even simple workflows can change within an activity. Employees were forced to familiarise themselves with teleworking and the independent use of tools (technologies) and the direct application of the digital.


Collaborative learning

Collaborative learning describes a form of cooperation in which group work plays a crucial role. In a collaborative learning environment, learners are involved in concepts and general project work. The focus is on the working and learning process.

Project work = teamwork

Especially in project work, a strong cohesion of the team/participants is crucial for the achievement of goals and dynamic working.

Use of an L&D tool

Teams whose companies have recognised the importance of an internal digital L&D tool have benefited since the beginning of increased remote working.L&D stands for "Learning and Development". Accordingly, a digital L&D tool is a sophisticated software solution for subject-related learning/knowledge management within a team. The learning management system is one of the most common systems in companies, but not quite as flexible for the users/employees. In an LMS, knowledge traditionally comes from the top (managers, specialist departments, corporate development, etc.) and is usually distributed to the employees as a compulsory course or e-learning. It is not uncommon for a period of time to be specified by which the compulsory content is to be worked on.

U2D Aprenia as a success and profit driver

An LXP, on the other hand, does not focus on structured learning, but on the efficiency of the learner. The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) U2D Aprenia enables employees to quickly and easily place small-scale knowledge in the system and thus centralise it. This is then easily accessible for employees who need to be trained. In order to meet the needs of every type of learner, the knowledge transfer as Spark can be done in different ways. For example, a knowledge article can be formulated, a video recorded, a SCORM package posted or a link to an external website placed. It is also possible to make a document available to users for download. This concept brings many valuable benefits to all involved, both the employees, a unit as a team and the company.

Advantages for the team

Already the Greek philosopher Aristotle said "The whole is more than the sum of its parts". In terms of teamwork, the individual team members are more and stronger than the individual participants. Thus, the Google study on the "secret of good teamwork" also shows that the success of the team is not due to the composition, a certain personal character or professional backgrounds. Respectful interaction between the different team members makes the difference.



Bundled knowledge for more success

An LXP is a learning experience platform that gives the users - i.e. the team members - complete freedom to decide which content is currently needed and when a knowledge gap is closed. With the possibility that in U2D Aprenia content in the form of sparks can be entered independently by each user, there is already an excellent concept for collecting employee knowledge internally within a project or team work and centralising it in one place. These topics can be grouped and centralised. Among other things, recurring questions can be avoided, which ultimately leads to time savings and more effectiveness. In addition, the onboarding of new team members or project participants can be simplified, as all important and relevant information as well as process procedures can be found in the corresponding group or category and all users are brought up to the same level.
 Convince yourself of the advantages that U2D Aprenia offers you as an individual, in a team or as a company (linking later) and test the LXP for free!