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U2D Aprenia for Individuals – expert knowledge always available!

A learning experience tool comes with many benefits. You can find out here what advantages this offers you!

Aprenia for you

Learning systems – definition of terms

Digitization has long since become an inseparable part of society and makes everyday life easier in many ways. In the world of work, the digital is of particular importance.Information can be moved from A to B with a mouse click and can therefore be processed many times faster.

This also has an impact on communication with colleagues. But - as is often the case - practice sheds light on the theory and shows that the existing possibility for faster interaction is not always a solution to a problem. Especially when working from home, contact with colleagues is gradually being reduced to a minimum. However, it is particularly important then to keep information that is indispensable for further work on one's own activity transparent and to make it visible to colleagues.

This is where the learning system comes into play. With well thought-out knowledge management in the company. The learning management system (LMS) is one of the most common systems in companies, but not quite as flexible for users/employees. In an LMS, the knowledge traditionally comes from above (managers, specialist departments, corporate development, etc.) and is usually brought to the employees as a compulsory course or e-learning. It is not uncommon for a period of time to be specified by which the mandatory content should be viewed.

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U2D Aprenia as a success and profit engine

A Learning Experience Platform ( LXP ), on the other hand, does not focus on structured learning, but on the efficiency of the learner. The learning experience platform U2D Aprenia enables existing employees to store small-scale knowledge quickly and easily in the system and thus to centralize it. This is then easily available for employees to be trained.In order to pick up every type of learner, the knowledge transfer can take place as Spark (link to blog) in different ways.

For example, a knowledge article can be formulated, a video recorded, a SCORM package posted or a link placed on an external website. It is also possible to provide users with a document for download. This concept has many valuable advantages for everyone involved, whether it is an individual employee, a team or the company as a whole.

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Benefits for the individual

Retrieve knowledge flexibly

An LXP is a learning experience platform that gives users complete freedom over what content you need and when you close this knowledge gap.

In addition, this content can be repeated as often as you like. So if there is a dependency on a colleague who is currently absent and not available, the know-how can be obtained with a mouse click.


Sharing knowledge

Your expertise is in demand. You are a valuable part of the company and bring a high added value to it with your knowledge. Dependencies on you and your knowledge are known and at the same time the questions of your colleagues delay your work? Then share this knowledge in the LXP . This is how you centralize your technical know-how. Your knowledge can be made visible to everyone or only to a certain group of people.

Discover knowledge

Based on your interests and activities, you will automatically be shown suitable content and recommendations. In this way, you continuously expand your knowledge and are flexible in terms of time and workload.

Always - Anywhere!

The LXP U2D Aprenia offers you these and many other advantages ! However, these advantages are not only limited to the workplace. "Self-determined learning" would not be self-determined if one were tied to spatial surroundings.

On the way to a customer or while waiting for the train: In such moments you can take out your smartphone and use the U2D Aprenia app to set or expand your knowledge within a few minutes - whether with a video or a text.

In the long run, this will save you a lot of time with little effort. Convince yourself of the advantages that U2D Aprenia offers you personally, with your team colleagues or as a company and test the LXP for free!