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Aprenia Journey - Predefined learning paths to reach a learning goal

Learning path descriptions are becoming increasingly important in digital learning environments. Find out here exactly why predefined learning paths are useful and how they can add value for you and your employees!

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Knowledge - the most valuable resource

There is something that distinguishes us from other living beings, and that is the ability to acquire complex knowledge within a very short time and to apply it when needed.

The intelligence to transport knowledge further in order to generate more knowledge has also contributed to making humanity what it is today. In times of globalisation, there is even a personal exchange of knowledge between different regions, countries and continents. Anyone who owns a smartphone with internet access today has the option of accessing specific knowledge in the mass of information and learning it. This gives everyone the opportunity for creativity, ideas and success.

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The world of work also benefits

With the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, the world has changed step by step until today. Digitisation and globalisation open up new possibilities for society, the economy and also the world of work. Foreign knowledge can be downloaded and one's own knowledge uploaded at the click of a mouse. Internal processes can be made available in digital formats to existing and new employees.

Missing or insufficient knowledge, on the other hand, can lead to faulty decisions, ineffectiveness, loss of time and more. Lack of integration leads to increased sick days, dissatisfaction, demotivation and ultimately to the failure of corporate goals. Through conscious integration management, the company focuses on the new employees and accompanies them with strategies and processes through their induction.

The aim is to integrate the company philosophy, to get to know the team members for the first time and to familiarise them with the position activities. If there is already a proven knowledge transfer, the new employees are provided with the necessary information in an uncomplicated and targeted manner so that they can carry out the intended activities as quickly, efficiently and purposefully as possible.



Supporting the achievement of corporate goals through the use of learning 

Hierarchically structured learning paths are used to access data and information quickly and effectively.The preparation of such learning paths also noticeably increases the appreciation of new entrants.Especially a trustworthy preparation and getting to know the company as an institution including the lived corporate philosophy helps to master the first inhibition threshold and to generate trust.
Just as important as the professional and social networks and the transfer of knowledge is the opportunity for personal self-awareness. Learning paths are also used to compile information in order to make knowledge available according to the needs of the situation or the users.

Aprenia Journey a.k.a. Learning Paths

LXP U2D Aprenia, the intuitive knowledge management system, now also supports the achievement of the individual learning goal with the help of the Journey (a.k.a. learning paths). Unlike a classic learning management system (LMS) (link blog: LXP vs. LMS), the focus is not on hierarchically structured learning (top-down approach), but on the learner!

The most important business objective is to improve the learning experience. To achieve this strategic goal, the different abilities and experiences of learners need to be taken into account. This is because people have different ways of learning and different levels of knowledge. This also results in significant knowledge differences in the company, through which enormous potential is lost. With U2D Aprenia, this can be prevented!

With the Journey, learning paths can be easily created by bundling individual sparks into a path and setting them to achieve a learning goal.
illustration Frau hock am Schreibtisch vor PCFor example, the induction of new employees can be facilitated with the help of a journey or a path for acquiring leadership skills can be created.

The journey thus summarizes the distributed knowledge of the employees, which is already accessible to everyone, and thus supports effective learning success.