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Screen and video recording without installing any additional software

Create video parks without any stress, preparatory work or computer skills.

animation video recording Aprenia


Who does not know it...?

Work is piling up on the desk and time is running out.

Now, of all times, ignorance arises on a specific topic.

Woman desperate in front of notebook


In such moments it is important to be able to fall back on existing knowledge. Access to knowledge should be quick and uncomplicated, without going through colleagues.

The know-how can be transferred at U2D Aprenia in the form of a document, a knowledge article (text form), with the help of a link or even through a  video  .

Creating a spark in document format or a knowledge article is quick and easy.

The linking as Spark is also kept very simple and takes place quickly. It's the same with creating one  video parks  .
The screen or video recording can be started directly from Aprenia. This feature transfers knowledge without additional knowledge or the installation of additional software.