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U2D Aprenia Tests – Increase learning success with knowledge queries

U2D Aprenia supports the independent recruitment of know-how by employees in the company.  However, this alone does not lead to the desired learning success, especially with complex and demanding topics.  In this article you will find out how you can achieve this with the help of our knowledge checks.

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Knowledge: The valuable operational resource

The operational handling of knowledge is already the decisive intelligent resource in the company, which represents the advantage in competition.

The targeted and therefore correct handling of knowledge in the company is more important than ever for the company's success, especially now, in the age of digitization.

Digital knowledge management

With well thought-out knowledge management in the company, entrepreneurs can gain a decisive advantage over the competition and react quickly, for example if someone from the team drops out and tasks have to be redistributed.

But how do you sensibly record knowledge about tasks, processes or typical errors so that the information is accessible to everyone, but still remains targeted?

A modern form of a knowledge management system, such as an LXP (= Learning Experience Platform), serves as a central platform for all knowledge in the company.

U2D Aprenia overview "Newest Sparks"


U2D Aprenia - The LXP makes the difference!

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) makes the distributed knowledge of employees accessible to everyone and thus supports effective learning success.

The LXP U2D Aprenia, the intuitive knowledge management system, supports  the greatest motivator with the help of modern  gamification

The natural human play instinct. In contrast to a classic learning management system (LMS), the focus is not on hierarchically structured learning (  top-down approach  ), but on the learner!

The most important business goal is to improve the learning experience. In order to achieve this strategic goal, the different skills and experiences of learners must be taken into account.

Because people have different ways of learning and different levels of knowledge.

As a result, there are also considerable differences in knowledge within the company, which means that enormous potential is lost.

With U2D Aprenia we support the transfer of know-how in companies with open learning cultures and offer every type of learning the right format for it.

With the modern LXP, every user can independently share knowledge with their colleagues in the form of sparks.
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U2D Aprenia - Knowledge Check

The independently acquired  knowledge of the employees  in the company cannot be internalized and understood by every participant in the same way when it comes to certain complex topics and therefore cannot lead to maximum learning success.

In U2D Aprenia, knowledge can be tested with the help of knowledge queries, thereby accelerating and sustainably increasing learning success.

The  knowledge from mandatory  parks such as data protection training or know-how content on information security can also be queried and evaluated in the LXP U2D Aprenia.

Efficient learning through knowledge queries

The traditional form of learning in most educational institutions is as follows:

First, the knowledge is imparted by trainers/teachers, then the knowledge is to be learned "by heart" according to the curriculum by a deadline and then queried in the form of exams.

For many learners, however, the learning success is short-lived because our brain cannot retain the knowledge on this path of learning.

Biological background - brain-friendly learning

Experts therefore suggest not learning based on facts, but starting with questions in the form of tests.

Because: Questions trigger an answer reflex, whereby the active confrontation with questions means that those being tested can remember the answers better if they have understood them.


U2D Aprenia - Preview Tests

A test can be quickly created in U2D Aprenia in just 4 steps:

1. Enter a description for the test

Aprenia studio area

2. Assign a spark

Aprenia mask create test title and description

3. Define questions and answers

aprenia mask create mask choose pic

4. Specify settings A knowledge test can be created in the studio.

Aprenia mask create test