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Release Notes: New features in Aprenia 7.3

Welcome to the dynamic world of knowledge management in the corporate environment! Immerse yourself in the exciting new features of U2D Aprenia 7.3, the latest version of the intuitive learning platform. The new release offers you even more functionalities and possibilities to optimize your learning processes. Find out how you can make your Sparks and Journeys even more efficient.


Traditional training methods are increasingly being replaced by digital learning solutions that are more efficient, flexible and cost-effective. Companies are recognizing the benefits of digital learning and are looking for comprehensive integrated learning management solutions to optimize their learning and training processes.

U2D Aprenia is an advanced learning management platform designed specifically for mid-sized and large organizations with complex requirements. It offers a wide range of features and enables organizations to effectively design, manage and deliver their learning content.

With U2D Aprenia, companies can personalize their training and development programs and adapt them to the individual needs of their employees. Release 7.3 delivers new features and improvements. Read how you can manage participants in Journeys and set the visibility of Sparks.

General information about U2D Aprenia Release Notes

Version 7.0 was groundbreaking for U2D Aprenia. In order to continuously improve user-friendliness, a new and intuitive dashboard was first developed, consisting of customizable widgets.

This was followed shortly afterwards by Release 7.1, which enables the creation of a multimedia knowledge article. Additional sections and sparks can be added in various formats. A knowledge article can also be designed with multiple pages.

With the Aprenia update 7.2, there was a new function for Journeys. The lesson view provides an improved overview and increases user-friendliness. It allows you to organize your training courses, Sparks, tests and events in a clear side menu. This gives you even more precise control over your learning content and makes it even easier to manage. You can decide for yourself which topic you want to work on next and in which order. This flexibility allows you to design your individual learning path and select the content that is relevant to you.

The journey continues! In version 7.3, U2D Aprenia presents the new participant management of learning journeys. Journey creators can now manage the users participating in a journey. The participants can be added and removed, the processing status can be checked and the participants can be updated to the current version of the learning path.

In addition, you now have the option of configuring the visibility of sparks. Sparks are small knowledge units in U2D Aprenia that support the learning process. Experience the new features of U2D Aprenia and learn how you can improve the quality of personnel development.

Feature: Journey participant management

The new journey participant management in U2D Aprenia 7.3 is a further step towards efficient learning management. With this feature, journey creators now have the ability to efficiently manage the participants of a learning path. Adding and removing participants is now easier than ever. With just a few clicks, new participants can be added or unwanted participants removed from the journey. This simplifies participant list management and saves time.

In addition, Journey participant management also allows you to check the progress of participants. Journey creators can view the processing status of all participants and thus better track their learning progress. This feature provides better control and allows creators to manage the learning process effectively.

Journey Teilnehmerverwaltung

Another highlight of the Journey participant administration is the updating of participants to the latest version of the Journey. When a learning path is updated, participants can now be automatically switched to the latest version. This ensures that all participants are always up to date and can benefit from the latest content.

This new function of Journey participant administration is particularly relevant for personnel development and quality improvement in companies. By managing participants efficiently, training courses can be carried out in a targeted manner to further educate employees and improve their skills. Companies can ensure that all participants receive the relevant learning content and thus achieve the desired quality standard.

Feature: Spark visibility settings

Sparks are small knowledge units at U2D Aprenia that support the learning process. Microlearning is the keyword here. In the latest version 7.3, the visibility setting for sparks has been revised to offer users even more flexibility. It is now possible to enable or disable a Spark specifically for use in journeys or knowledge articles.

This new function enables companies to use their learning content in an even more targeted and focused way. By explicitly enabling a Spark for Journeys, it can be integrated into participants' individual learning paths. This ensures that learners receive the relevant content at the right time and can optimize their learning experience.

Sparks Sichtbarkeitseinstellung

The activation of Sparks for multimedia knowledge articles also offers advantages for companies. Sparks can be used as independent knowledge units to impart specific knowledge. These knowledge articles can then be accessed by employees at any time when they need additional information.

The targeted activation of sparks for journeys or knowledge articles enables companies to organize their learning content even better and respond to the individual needs of learners. The targeted placement of Sparks in the various learning contexts makes learning more effective and efficient.

Learning trends 2024: learning paths and e-commerce

Immerse yourself in the future of e-learning! Learning paths are one of the key trends in e-learning for 2024. U2D Aprenia is perfectly aligned with this development and offers innovative approaches for effective knowledge management.

By integrating learning paths into their learning strategy, companies can better organize their learning content and provide learners with a clear structure. Learning pathways can focus on different topics or skills and help learners to systematically build their knowledge. Through the targeted selection and compilation of learning modules, companies can ensure that learners receive the relevant content and can organize their learning effectively.

Another major trend in the e-learning sector is also particularly interesting: e-commerce. The future of e-learning promises exciting developments that will make learning even more effective and interactive. One of the emerging trends in 2024 is the use of e-commerce in the e-learning sector. Companies are increasingly recognizing the potential of online commerce to distribute their learning content and offer their employees an optimal learning experience.

By using e-commerce in e-learning, companies can market and sell their learning content digitally. This enables them to make their knowledge and expertise accessible to a wide audience and at the same time open up new sources of revenue. Learners can thus benefit from high-quality learning content and expand their knowledge in a targeted manner.

Outlook for the U2D Aprenia Release 8.0

It is with great anticipation that we announce the release of version 8.0 of U2D Aprenia. Another milestone for U2D Aprenia will be set this year. With the introduction of an e-commerce function, it will in future be possible to offer and purchase individual Sparks or Journeys on the learning platform for a fee.

Journey creators will soon be able to monetize their high-quality learning content and make it accessible to a wider audience. By offering individual Sparks or Journeys for sale, they can offer their knowledge and expertise in the form of digital products. This allows them to expand their learning offerings and tap into new revenue streams.

For learners, this new feature offers the opportunity to select the learning content that is relevant to their individual needs. By purchasing individual Sparks or Journeys, they can expand their knowledge and work on specific topics. This personalized learning experience allows users to customize their learning and improve their skills in a targeted manner.

This innovative approach enables companies to expand their learning offerings and establish their brand as a leading provider of high-quality learning content. Stay tuned for the release of U2D Aprenia 8.0 and discover the many possibilities that the e-commerce feature offers for your learning management.


The evolution of U2D Aprenia continues, and each new version brings innovative features that revolutionize corporate learning management. The journey from version 7.0 to the upcoming release of U2D Aprenia 8.0 marks a remarkable progression in the world of knowledge management.

The continuous improvement of the user experience began with the groundbreaking release 7.0, which redefined the way users interact with the platform through a new and intuitive dashboard with customizable widgets. Subsequent releases, notably 7.1 and 7.2, added multimedia knowledge articles and a streamlined journey view to improve the organization of training and content.

The latest version, U2D Aprenia 7.3, further expands the possibilities for efficient learning management. Journey participant management enables creators to manage their learning paths even more specifically. Adding and removing participants is child's play, and checking progress allows precise control over the learning process.

The revised visibility setting for Sparks is also particularly exciting. These small knowledge units can now be activated specifically for journeys or knowledge articles, allowing companies to organize their learning content even more precisely.

The trends for the year 2024, in particular the importance of learning paths and the integration of e-commerce in e-learning, are consistently addressed by U2D Aprenia. The upcoming version 8.0 promises a great e-commerce feature that will enable companies to monetize their learning content and make it accessible to a wider audience.

U2D Aprenia's journey is not only a technological development, but also a strategic decision for organizations looking for advanced and flexible learning solutions. The learning platform not only enables efficient training administration, but also the targeted improvement of personnel development and the quality of learning content.